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We have some new specials for this week and a Marx Western town and vintage Marx Zorro flag, walls and gate.

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Limited Time Specials

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Marx vintage Davy Crockett at the Alamo playset, 54mm
Item Number: ZOMX902A
Our price: $277.95
Market price: $419.95
You save: $142.00
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Marx vintage Civil War assortment/set, over 170 pieces, 54mm
Item Number: ZOMX937B
Our price: $179.95
Market price: $225.00
You save: $45.05
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Marx original 1950's western town street front, cowboys + furniture, 54mm
Item Number: ZOMX925A


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Marx Vintage Battle of the Alamo Sears Heritage playset 1972
Item Number: ZOMX912A
Our price: $295.00
Market price: $395.00
You save: $100.00
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Marx Zorro flag,gate + walls, tin, 54mm
Item Number: ZOMX970A


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WWII huge lot over 350 figures plus vehicles + acc's
Item Number: WWII special2
Price $17.95
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ITA055A Arab Warriors - Colonial Wars (25MM) 50 pieces
Item Number: ITA055A
Price $14.95
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Cavalrymen/frontiersmen + horses by Marx reissues of 1950's, 50mm, green
Item Number: MXR130H
Price $14.95
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Marx reissue gray wagon with ligth blue top + driver, 54mm
Item Number: MXR726F
Price $45.00
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Marx vintage cavalry/frontiersmen,tan,silver+blue, 54+45mm
Item Number: ZOMX-SPECIAL 5
Our price: $37.95
Market price: $59.95
You save: $22.00
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New WWII Destroyed Farm House
CTS Destroyed Farm House (54MM) Painted
Item Number: CTS7489A
Price $89.95
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Now Available in tan
Marx Stagecoach (tan) with 4 horses and driver
Item Number: MXR740C
Price $29.95
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Playset Magazine #105 Remco Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea + Marx playsets
Item Number: PSM#105
Price $10.00
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Indians 25 figures in 13 poses w/2 totem poles (red brown) (54mm)
Item Number: MXR129A
Price $28.95
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Cowboys, Miners and Trappers 32 figures in 22 poses (brown) (54mm)
Item Number: MXR133C
Price $19.95
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Mexican Round Hat Infantry and Cavalry 20 figures 10 poses+ 3 horses (blue) (54mm)
Item Number: MXR114A
Price $19.95
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ON SALE 40% Off!
Cattle Drive Playset: 75 pieces (54mm) (s&h $15)
Item Number: aaCTS911A
Our price: $54.00
Market price: $89.95
You save: $35.95
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CTS's 196 Piece Wagon Train
Wagon Train
Item Number: CTS939B
Price $129.95
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New Items Just Arrived

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Playset Magazine #103 Marx miniature western playsets+ Famous Canadians
Item Number: PSM103A
Price $10.00
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HAT8329 Napoleonic Prussian Infantry Sampler (25MM)
Item Number: HAT8329
Price $10.95
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HAT8324 7 Years War AUSTRIANS Command (25MM)
Item Number: HAT8324
Price $11.95
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HAT8323 7 Years War AUSTRIANS Action (25MM)
Item Number: HAT8323
Price $11.95
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Mars WWII Luftwaffe Field Division, 15 fig-8 poses, 1/32 #32017
Item Number: MAR118A
Price $24.95
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HAT8322 7 Years War Austrians Marching (25MM)
Item Number: HAT8322
Price $11.95
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