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Marx Ben Hur playset #4701 series 5000 from 1959

Spectacular! LARGE 8 chariot vintage BEN HUR playset: ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $750.00
Item #: ZOMX921A
Our price: $750.00
Market price: $900.00
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ZOMX921A   BEN HUR playset #4701 series 5000 from 1959--- THIS IS THE LARGEST VERSION MARX MADE! Over 250 pieces

 Nice set about 85% complete, it was collector completed with all original parts, but there might be a few light shade variations among the groups.

 Box is in fair condition, bright with good graphics, the two rear corners are split open, easily repaired.

 This huge set has 6 sets of figures 16 per set ( 96) in cream 3 sets, gray, 2 sets and tan 1 set. Also the three character figures, the Emperor, his female and Ben Hur, they are in purple.

 8 chariots  mixed red, blue + yellow, 6 are perfect two have broken front grills ( we will include two replacement reissue parts) and one red chariot has a broken hitch- 32 horses plus 4 additional = 36

 16 of the 17 soft plastic tan + blue mixed set of accessories ( missing the small wicker basket)

 Hard plastic accessories consist of only one tent, white + red with all acc's ( two canopy legs have broken pins-perfect reissue legs included. The food stall has no hanging utensils and the tabs on awning are missing, also has replacement poles, the slave bazaar has the same issues.

 two tigers and two lions- one each in tan and orange( couple of tooth marks on tails)

 three hard plastic catapults with about 15 stones

 They collosum has all it's parts in hard plastic light gray. One ring on the two gates is missing and one rail is split on a straight section. there 12 perfect banners plus 4 more with issues. Finally there are 6 of the small connector pins 

 I've tried to report any and all flaws which makes it sound negative but in reality there are many valuable parts here and could be the foundation of a set worth a couple thousands of dollars




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