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LOD/Barzso Fortified Hacienda 9 pieces

Fortified Hacienda Bundle (9 pieces) Made from Hard Foam
Item #: LOD743
Price $309.95

LOD Enterprises: LOD743  The Hacienda often sat alone and was the hub for many enterprises in the old Southwest.  At the same time, it was also an attractive target for bandits, nomads, or other travelers of ill repute perhaps? Protect the hacienda with walls and towers to create a Fortified Hacienda.  Originally released by Barzso Playsets in 2007, the Fortified Hacienda Bundle includes the following pieces.
(1) Haceinda Building
(3) Towers
(2) Straight Wall Sections
(2) Oven Wall Sections
(1) Gate Wall

The bundle with nine (9) pieces and configured in a square measures 35” in length with a depth of 23”.  As a modular set, additional walls and towers are available to increase the area of the setup.

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