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WWII Playset

100 Pieces WWII Playset at a very Special Price of $129.95 you Save over $45
Item #: aaCTS991A
Our price: $129.95
Market price: $175.00
You save: $45.05

CTS991A, A great WWII Starter set includes 48 German infantry, 14 Airfix British Infantry 3 tanks and over 40 additional pieces. Plus a vintage Marx vinyl playmat. If purchased separately you would spend over $175.00 but we are offering this as a Christmas Special for $129.95 plus shipping.



 48 German infantry

 14 Airfix British infantry

U.S. 105MM gun with 3 man crew

 CTS Tiger tank with commander

 CTS Panther tank

 CTS Churchill tank

 CTS U.S. 1/2 track with 4 man crew

 CTS 4 U.S. heavy weapons

 8 sections barbed wire fence

 4 sections concertina wire

 4 row trees

 2 field emplacements

  vinyl playmat 48" X 36 1/2" 

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