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Vintage Marx Rin Tin Tin playset #3658 from 1957, 54mm

Item #: ZOMX915B
Price $295.00

ZOMX915B  An original Marx RIN TIN TIN at Fort Apa

che partial set from 1957.

 Box is fair condition, solid but some tears and wrinkles. Tin litho Cavalry Headquarters building with all it's protruding log ends. Has some surface rust but still displayable.

 Full and matched stockade in tan plastic, 11 walls all with firing steps, three piece working gate in very good, two of the 2pc corner blockhouses and 4 single pole ladders.

 An original black firing cannon with a sprue of 10 reissue shells. Nice tin flag with original pole + base and a set of outdoor acc's which includes both the two piece campfire and dip well pieces in excellent condition.

 Character figures of Rip Masters and Rin Tin Tin both excellent ( no Rusty). 13 vintage cavalrymen in 54mm and 45mm-metallic blue, silver + tan. 18 yellow reissue Marx Indians with a vintage pony. 



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