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Conte Alamo playset #5

Item #: CNT920A
Price $615.00

CNT920A  Conte out of production Alamo playset #5 "Deguello"  ( bugle call that meant NO quarter). Nice clean set missing only the paperwork and one resin figure. Hard foam large 18" X 15" artillery redoubt/mound. 9 exclusive pewter figures-mounted Santa Anna, a bugler, a three figure vignette with one Tennessean fighting two Mexican soldiers, a mounted lancer running down another Texan and a Mex sol bayoneting a Tennessean. All beautifully detailed and flat painted to match the plastic figures.

 Also 4 of 5 Resin Texans exclusive to this set which includes a "Tejanos" Mexican defender.

 Also includes 13 plastic Conte Texans, 30 Marx reissue Mexicans, a Marx cannon and set of 10 dead trees + stumps

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