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Marx Centennial Blue& Gray playset copy of 4 page instruction sheet + caution sign

Item #: MXR131A
Price $12.95

MXR131A  Excellent quality full size copy of original Marx 4 page instruction sheet to the " CENTENNIAL BLUE & GRAY " playset.Each surface is 17" X 11" . Two sheets printed on both sides in red ink just like some of the originals. Also included is a nice copy of the "CAUTION" sign-5 3/4" X 4 3/4" .

 THESE WERE RUN MAYBE 35 TO 40 YEARS AGO BY JOHN CINQUE WHO MARKETED THE FIRST REISSUE MARX CIVIL WAR PLAYSET AROUND 1984.Due to the cost of running no one else since has run them to include in their sets, including us CTS.

 They will be rolled to ship

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