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Marx GIANT BLUE & GRAY playset from 1961, 54mm

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ZOMX936C An original Marx GIANT BATTLE OF THE BLUE & GRAY PLAYSET. A Montgomery Wards exclusive for Christmas 1961.

 Set is about 95% complete with all it's main play parts. Box is in fair condition, no serious tears just general wear for it's age. Some pieces have been replaced so there are some slight shade variations on a few parts- All I think is missing is the record ,paints, cannon shells, some mortar balls + 2 black small acc's. ALL CONTENTS VINTAGE ORIGINAL.


 contents as follows:

Original 4 surface instruction sheet

Battle effects manual

 24 piece battle accessory set in tan +light gray soft plastic

silver 35 pieces+ black 33 Pieces small weapons + acc's

1 light gray field cannon  

 1 black firing mortar with 2 mortar balls,swab+ramrod

 1 silver limber with 4 horse hitch-EXCELLENT

 1 silver firing cannon for the limber excellent 

 2 green trees

 1 dead tree with 2 matching stumps

 1 stone bridge with two rock piles

1 Ambulance wagon complete with all wagon and top accessories -hitch perfect but slightly dif shade

 1 exploding bunker with metal target trigger

 2 tin litho flags each with pole and base-all nice

 2 tan tent sets, each consists of a command tent and three pup tents plus a cot with removable legs (both posts separated)

 light brown artillery redoubt and destroyed mansion

 4 sections of fence

1 dead horse brown

6 wagon horses- 2 each brown, cream and black

 8 cavalry horses-2 each brown, cream, black and tan 

48 Union infantry- 3 sets of 16 each first issue figures- light flat finish blue

 48 Confederate infantry-3 sets of 16 each-medium gray

 15 Confederate figures and a stretcher in light gray-(second series figures)

 4 mounted  gray conf cavalry- 2 each of 2 poses

 4 mounted light blue Union cav- 2 each of 2 poses

 1 Union outrider

1 Union seated wagon driver

1 tin mansion with plastic porch assembled- light surface roughness

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