Marx vintage Civil War assortment/set, over 170 pieces, 54mm

Item #: ZOMX937B
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ZOMX937B  Original 1950's-60's Marx American Civil War battle assortment. 176 pieces- 166 are all original  with 8 CTS cavalry horses and flag pole added.104 total vintage Figures consist of 32 first series Union infantry in all 10 poses + 13 centennial series figures + 6  Union cavalrymen VS 32 first series Confederates in all 10 poses (perfect flag bearer), plus a complete set of 15 Centennial poses in gray + a stretcher and 2 mounted officers. Original Gen Grant + Lincoln plus Gen. Lee + Davis cream figures.There are 22 of the battlefield accessories  plus 28 of the sprue small weapons and acc's. A hard plastic light gray field cannon and a multi colored smaller mortar make up the artillery.An original light brown artillery redoubt and destroyed mansion plus 2 original gray fence sections.Also included is a 4 tent set from an original Heritage set plus a tin Confederate flag with a CTS pole + base ALL IS IN VERY GOOD LIGHTLY USED CONDITION.ALL THREE FLAG BEARERS ARE IN VERY GOOD CONDITION.

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