Classic Toy Soldiers

CTS Tank Special: Get 4 Tanks, 3 CTS Panzer IV Tanks, 1 CTS Panther Tank with tank commander and a total of 6 Panzer IV Tank Turrets

Get 4 WWII German Tanks: 3 CTS Panzer IV Tanks and 1 CTS Panther Tank plus extra tank turrets. On Sale for $62.75 you save $14.00
Item #: CTS701SPB
Our price: $62.75
Market price: $76.75
You save: $14.00

CTS, CTS701SPB Get 4 CTS WWII Tanks: 3 Panzer IV Tanks (in gray with insignia) plus 1 CTS Tiger Tank. You will receive 3 Panzer IV long barrel turrets and 3 Panzer IV short barrel turrets.

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