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Battle of The Bulge-242 pieces (shipping $55.00 requires two boxes)

Item #: aaCTS943B
Price $439.95

CTS943B Battle of the Bulge Playset Contents (242 pieces) (1:32 scale) plastic toy soldiers

Please Note: The watch tower is no longer available and does not come in the set any longer.

1- Will come in a CTS Standard generic playset box
1 CTS European Street (winter)
3 CTS Brick Piles
1 FMT Bridge
64 CTS US Infantry - Series #1 & #2
37 CTS German Infantry, Medics, and Artillerymen
40 AFX German Infantry
4 CTS Germans Seated
2 CTS German Panther Tanks
1 CTS German Tiger Tank
2 CTS German Hanomag
2 CTS German Panzer IV Long Barrel

1 CTS German PZ IV with short barrel
1 CTS German 88mm Cannon
4 CTS US Sherman Tanks
 2 CTS US Halftrack
3 CTS US 105mm Howitzer
4 BMC mortars 
4 CTS Stone Wall Sections
4 CTS Concertina Wire Sections
 8 CTS Barbed Wire Sections

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