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CTS Blockhouse on the Frontier Set 1700 hundreds - 54mm

Item #: aaCTS921A
Price $124.95

Classic Toy Soldiers, Inc - CTS921A Blockhouse Frontier Playset. Includes the CTS free standing two story blockhouse made of hard foam. The blockhouse has a field stone looking first floor and a log second floor with many firing slots and a removable roof to allow figure placement. This American frontier set includes 4 stone walls, 4 fence sections, 2 trees, 2 tree stumps, 2 fort cannon, 6 steers, 1 dead horse, 4 cavalry horses, 20 Accurate colonials, 24 CTS Mohawks, 24 CTS British red coats plus  (not pictured) one Marx  Indian acc's sprue and MPC frontier accessories. OVER 125 pieces!~


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