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Battle of the Alamo --- 160 pieces --- (s&h $35) (54mm)

Item #: aaCTS935A
Price $169.95

CTS935A BATTLE OF THE ALAMO (170 pieces)
                  (1:32 scale) plastic toy soldiers.
  1 Complete Alamo Fort w/gate and Chapel
24 CTS Texans
12 Frontiersmen                                            
60 CTS Mexicans
10 MARX Mexicans w/1 horse

   4 CTS Mexican Cavalry w/ horses                                      
   4 CTS Spiked Barricades                                   
   2 CTS Fort Cannon
   1 BMC Cannon & caisson     
   1 CTS howitzer Cannon 
   2 CTS ladders        
   Texan Flag, Mexican Flag w/poles & bases                         
  2 BMC heavy cannon
   2 CTS green trees + 2 dead trees

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