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Giant Battleground Europe Playset --- 210 pieces---(Shipping $55.00- Two box set) (54mm)

Item #: aaCTS926A
Price $425.95


CTS926A Giant Battleground Europe Playset Contents (210 pieces) (1:32 scale) plastic toy soldiers
1The set comes in a our beautiful custom printed box with art work by James Deitz

Requires 2 boxes for shipping

1 European Street Front
32 CTS US Infantry
24 AFX US Paratroopers
15 Matchbox British Infantry
18 MXR Free French Infantry
24 CTS German Infantry
22 CTS German Assualt Troops
12 CTS German Medical Squad
 3 CTS German Artillery crew 

1 CTS German Hanomags
  1 CTS German Tiger Tank
  1 CTS German Panzer IV 
  1 CTS German Panther Tank
  1 CTS German 88mm Cannon
  2 CTS US 105mm Howitzer
  1 CTS US Halftrack
  2 CTS US Sherman Tank
  1 CTS British Churchill
  1 CTS Mortar pit
  8 CTS Stone Wall Sections
  8 CTS Concertina Wire Sections
  8 CTS Barbed Wire Sections
  1 CTS British Flag
  1 CTS Free French Flag
  1 CTS German Flag
  3 CTS Flag Poles w/bases

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