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D-Day Playset --- 240 pieces --- (shipping $55 two box set) (54mm)

Item #: aaCTS915A
Price $429.95


CTS915A D-Day Playset Playset Contents (240 pieces) (1:32 scale) plastic toy soldiers
Requires over size shipping

  1 CTS 3-piece bunker and trench system
48 CTS American Infantry - Series #1 & #2
48 AFX US Paratroopers
15 Matchbox British Infantry
18 MXR Free French Infantry
47 CTS German Infantry, Medics, & Artillery Men
20 AFX Germans
  2 CTS US Sherman Tanks
  1 CTS US 105mm Howitzer
  1 CTS German Tiger Tank
  1 CTS German Panther Tank
  2 CTS German 88mm Cannons
  1 CTS British Churchill Tank
  3 BMC Landing Craft
  2 BMC Mortars
  8 CTS Barbed Wire Sections
  4 CTS Concertina Wire Sections

  3 sections dragons teeth

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