54mm Toy Soldiers WWII Accessories (54mm)

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Back in Stock: With the landing craft
D-Day Playset --- 240 pieces --- (shipping $45 two box set) (54mm)
Item Number: aaCTS915A
Price $399.95
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Back In Stock: After A 2 Year Absence: Limited Quantity
War in the Pacific Playset---200 pieces---(s&h $30) (54mm)
Item Number: aaCTS916A
Price $289.95
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Battleground WWII Playset ---165 pieces---(s&h $30) (54mm)
Item Number: aaCTS917A
Price $209.95
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Comes in Our custom Printed Box with art work by James Deitz
Desert Fox Playset --- 244 pieces --- (s&h $35) (54mm)
Item Number: aaCTS922A
Price $374.95
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This set comes in our beautiful custom printed box with artwork done by James Deitz
Giant Battleground Europe Playset --- 210 pieces---(Shipping $45- Two box set) (54mm)
Item Number: aaCTS926A
Price $424.95
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Battle of Kursk --- 200 pieces --- (s&h $30) (54mm)
Item Number: aaCTS949A

Sold Out
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Iwo Jima Playset --- 175 pieces --- (s&H $30) (54mm)
Item Number: aaCTS952A

Out Of Stock
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One Sale for $119.95 You Save $20.00
CTS970A WWII Battle for Guadalcanal Playset (54MM)
Item Number: aaCTS970A
Our price: $119.95
Market price: $139.95
You save: $20.00
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Srongpoint --Ruined Medical Building 54mm--1/32 scale
Item Number: AFX6380A
Price $44.95
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Desert Outpost 54mm--1:32 scale (6381)
Item Number: AFX6381A
Price $44.95
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Airfix WWII Bamboo Hut 1:32 scale (54mm) (6382) assembly required.
Item Number: AFX6382
Price $39.95
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Check Point Bridge, Guard Station and Watch Tower (gray) (54mm)
Item Number: AFX705A
Price $42.95
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U.S. vehicle set, jeep+2 trucks, green 40mm
Item Number: BMC239A
Price $6.95
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Destroyed Farmhouse 8''L x 6''D x 8''H (54mm)
Item Number: BMC701A
Price $13.95
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WW II Mortar (54mm)
Item Number: BMC703A
Price $2.00
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Concrete Bunker w/AA gun (gray) (54mm)
Item Number: BMC713A
Price $14.95
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Anti-Tank Dragons Teeth -- 12 pieces (54mm)
Item Number: BMC714A
Price $5.95
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Barbed Wire (12'' long) (54mm)
Item Number: BMC715A
Price $5.50
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Belgian Gates -- 12 pieces (54mm)
Item Number: BMC720A
Price $5.95
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Sandbags -- 12 pieces (tan) (54mm)
Item Number: BMC723A
Price $5.95
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Barbed Wire Fence -- 4 sections (5'' long) (gray) (54mm)
Item Number: CTS708A
Price $6.95
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Concertina Wire -- 4 sections (5'' long) (gray) (54mm)
Item Number: CTS709A
Price $6.95
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Dragons Teeth (tank trap) 3-pieces (unpainted) (54mm)
Item Number: CTS710A
Price $19.95
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WWII Heavy Weapons---Mortar,BAR,30 cal. machine gun, recoiless rifle 4 weapons - 7 pieces
Item Number: CTS718A
Price $3.95
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Battlefield Accessories -- 5 pieces (brown) (54mm)
Item Number: CTS729A
Price $13.50
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