Marx vintage 1952 Fort Apache Stockade playset, 54 + 45mm ,plastic

Item #: ZOMX926A
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ZOMX926A  An original Marx Fort Appache Stockade- the first version in 1952. It is set #3609. the original box is only in fair condition- has clear tape on the corners, in general it shows it's age 62 years!! 

 Has a nice dark tan stockade with 11 wall sections, a three piece gate and two 6 piece corner blockhouses and 4 ladders. Tin log cabin in nice condition.Many accessories including a 12 piece indoor furniture set with table in perfect condition. 10 piece outdoor accessory set with both the dip well and cook pot rack in perfect cond. Has a perfect hard plastic dead tree and two rock boulders in dark gray. A blue HP wagon in good condition but the hitch has a missing side rail, does have a nice vinyl black wagon horse with perfect harness.Tin flag nice - pole and based glued.HP yellow tepee needs top glued on otherwise verygood too.Figures consist of a 1o man set of 45mm vinyl cavalry/frontiersmen mixed cream and blue in color. VS a 10 figure set on vinyl Indians mixed light yellow and red/brown.Also has 5 45mm horses.

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