Marx Giant Fort Apache playset from 1964, 54mm, plastic + tin

Item #: ZOMX919A


ZOMX919A  A 1964 Marx Fort Apache playset rebuilt over many years by a collector. This is the largest Fort set Marx every made. Huge stockade with the 10 piece blockhouse over gate, ( see separate photo of the proper blockhouse with out sign that actually comes in this set)18 straight wall sections, 2 corner walls, 4 corner blockhouses and 8 ladders all in red/brown.Nice glossy tin headquarters building with 7 accouterments also in red brown. There are two tin U.S. flags. A complete 11 piece outdoor accessory set  which makes 9 different items.Two black firing cannon each with a complete reissue spruce of 10 shells.Other accessories include two uncut tree rows, 35 small silver weapons-acc's,3 Indian tepees,and a complete 9 piece pack horse set.

 Figures for this set are highlighted by 2 sets of 9 each- steel-blue LONG COAT cavalry (18) 3 sets of light flat blue frontiersmen/cavalry (30) plus a cream shot horse and rider.There are three sets of Indians (45) one in yellow and 2 in red/brown. 24 cavalry horses and three Indian ponies.

 Two wagons are in this set. One is a flat dark brown which has it's seat and a water barrel plus a good but painted hitch, the other is a semi-glossy brown wagon with tool box and matching perfect hitch. There are two flat light tan wagon tops, one Conestoga and the other a square top with seat and three medical accessories.Includes 4 wagon horses plus two cavalry cream colored wagon drivers- one perfect one missing his whip.

 Everything is in very good condition except where mentioned above. A few pieces are a slightly different  shade, barely noticeable.


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