Marx Commemorative Fort Apache playset, 54mm, 1996

Item #: MXR914A
Price $69.95

MXR914A  A Marx "vintage collectible- Commemorative Edition" Fort Apache play set. Produced around 1996 by the then New Marx Toy Co. Made from many of the original Marx molds with other vintage molds used where the Marx were no longer available. Contents are:

 Complete stockade with 12 straight wall sections, 2 corner walls and the elaborate blockhouse over gate entrey way. Also two flags, ladders and corner blockhouses- all Marx

 A three piece MPG log cabin, 3 Marx tepees,and a set of Marx outdoor accessories and 

 Figures consist of a set of 15 plus totem pole of Marx Indians in red,36  MPC cavalry foot + mounted with 6 Marx cavalry horses and 2 Indian ponies

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