Marx original Fort Apache playset, 54mm

Item #: ZOMX907A
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ZOMX907A  An original from the 1950's Marx Fort Apache plasyset. One of the main-stays of playsets during the golden years of plastic toy soldiers. Hard plastic light brown stockade with 11 walls 5 1/2" tall all with firing steps,and three piece gate with "Fort Apache" name and doors that open.Sets up 17" X 13" rectangle or any configuration you want.Two of the large 6 pieces corner blockhouses and three ladders. Comes with an early 1950's tin litho building by T.cohn originally from a Fort Cheyenne. There are 30 frontiers men/ cavalrymen  (3 sets of 10 each in 9 poses) 20 silver and 10 light blue. 30 Indians red/brown and yellow, two Indian ponies (parted ropes) and 6 cavalry horses,plus 2 totem poles. Hard plastic firing cannon ( repro shells) , two piece gray tepee,and 8 hard plastic outdoor accessories.

 Almost everything is original and in excellent condition with a couple exceptions mentioned above. Nice rebuilt set no box, some minor shade variations in replaced figures and of course typical parted bow strings ect.


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