Marx original 1950's tin castle Fort from prince valiant playset

Item #: ZOMX925A
Price $149.95

ZOMX925A  An original Marx tin and plastic castle from the early 1950's. These castles came in the 1953-54 Castle Fort and Prince Valiant playsets. It is 23" X 14" X 8 1/2" tall in the center. A nice clean example with all it's red trim except no cannon or turetts.ii has only light typical play wear. also includes 8 original + reissue Prince Valiant 1950's knights that stand about 2 1/4" tall in silver.Also A reissue set of 20 Gold knights with two horses, these are the second series knights about 2 1/4" tall. Also included is a 35 piece medieval accessory reissue set as came in the original Robin Hood playsets and finally a reissuer catapault.

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