Marx vintage Fort Apache #3681 complete with extras, 54mm

Item #: ZOMX914A
Price $235.00

ZOMX914A  An original Marx Fort Apache playset from the late 1960's, #3681 in original box. Box has wear and tear but still presentable. Has original instruction two sided sheet. Reddish-brown stockade with all 10 perfect walls, two corner blockhouses, three piece gate section and 4 ladders. Tin building in very good condition comes with plastic doors that open, chimney, lookout tower with flag pole and tin flag plus a covered porch. There is double the building plastic parts in the reddish color and in dark brown but only one porch in dark brown and flag pole in red.

 Original figure sets of 16 Indians ( 15 figures and a totem pole) in yellow  VS 30 cavalry/frontiersmen in aqua blue. Also extra Indians for a total of 25 in all 12 poses, ALL BOW STRINGS ARE PERFECT.There are 6 cavalry horses and 2 Indian ponies with perfect ropes, 2 tepees,firing cannon with 10 shells, and a perfect 10 piece outdoor accessory set.

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