Marx Fort Apache playset, 54mm, 220 pieces

Item #: MXR911A
Price $179.95


MXR911A  A reissue Marx Fort Apache playset with over 220 pieces. Has the nice blockhouse/ over the gate 9 piece set.Stockade consists of 11 CTS wall sections and two Marx pre-formed corner walls plus a pair of the two piece corner blockhouses and 4 single pole ladders.

 Other contents are:

 32 Marx Indians

  2 horses for above

 20 Marx cavalry on foot

24 piece Airfix foot and mounted cavalry

2 Marx dead horses

 4 Marx steers

 CTS square top US Cavalry supply wagon with 2 horse team and driver

12 piece CTS mounted Indians

35 piece Marx Indian weapon/accessory set

35 piece Marx western weapon/accessory set

8 Marx outdoor accessories

2 Marx tepees

 3 Marx cattle fence

2 green trees + 2 stumps

CTS 12lb cannon


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