Army Battleground Manuevers playset from 1952 by T.Cohn with Lido figures

Item #: ZOLD901A


Army Battleground maneuvers playset from 1952 by T.Cohn,ZOLD901A, a Superior playset. Interesting early set in original box. Box is very good, nice and bright and firm but about a 4" section of the front flap is missing and one corner on the cover has scratches. Contents are in excellent condition. Has a sturdy cardboard triple fold playmat 36"X27"very nicely illustrated and in excellent condition.There are 4 excellent condition vacu-form terrain pieces, a cave- similar to the Marx Zorro type cave, it is 9 1/2" across by 3 inches high. A large tent 7 1/2 X 4 high with an unused red cross decal to affix if you want.and 2 fox holes 5 1/2 X 1 1/2 high. All are nice condition and authentically detailed. There is a 16 piece hard plastic accessory set again similar to the Marx pieces. These pre-date the Marx. They are in a matched attractive swirled brown color-all excellent. The figures are Lido Army figures of the 1950's. Two 20 man armies, one in light gray to be the "enemy", the other olive drab. There are two firing howitzers and for shells to fire(one howitzer has a glue repaired wheel).Finally there are two nice hard plastic vehicles, a jeep 5X2 1/4wide with metal bottom and a hard plastic tank 6X2 3/4 wide by 2 high also with a metal bottom and wheels. Both are in excellent condition! ON SALE $60.00 OFF FOR A SHORT TIME ONLY!

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