Toy Soldiers of San Diego Custer's Last Stand playset

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TSD901A Custer's Last Stand playset by San Diego Toy soldiers. All original unused set from 2009, we opened it to shoot the photographs. Comes in a 30 inch; X 17 inch box with famous picture by Mark Churms on the cover. Center piece is a hard foam rise 25 inches X 15 inches with many flat areas to place the figures on. Also has foam piece with two dead horses for troops to hide behind. Large set includes character figures of Gen Custer, Sitting Bull and Tom Custer. This set has blue figures,58 7th cavalrymen including mounted and dismounted troopers, artillery figures with two Timpo firing cannon and 6 scouts . Indians number 84 foot from two sets. Rounding out the set are a pair of packhorses with handler, 4 dead horses, assorted hand weapons, and a vignette of a trooper being scalped. Has all original bags and paperwork including the story of the Battle.

 Slight water damage on one end of box

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