Battle of Churubusco playset by Barzso, 54mm, 2002 release

Item #: BAR913A
Price $589.95

A Ron Barzso playset‌ BAR913A- THE BATTLE OF CHURUBUSCO" out of production released in 2002. un played with set.Beautiful art work on the box.There is a small chew on one corner of box and a couple dings but they hardly show. Contains 5 hard foam Adobe buildings with  wooden pegs, 26 Mexican soldiers, 13 Texas Rangers and 13 American regular army figures.There are character figures of General Santa Anna mounted (horse is broken but can be glued) and Captain Robert E. Lee.Accessories include a set of  "critters"including snakes,a market stall with produce , Mexican village acc's,corral, and cacti.Has all of the original bags and paperwork.

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