Marx reissue Ben Hur playset over 235 pieces, (54MM)

Item #: MXR908A

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MXR908A Reissue Marx playset -BEN HUR, over 235 plastic 54mm (1/32) pieces.IF bought separately the pieces in this set would cost over $625.00- you SAVE over $445.00!! Made from original Marx molds that were made in 1959 to create the playset in response to the popularity of the Charlton Heston box office movie hit of the same name.This is one of the most sought after of the Marx vintage playsets and an original set can command thousands of dollars.Most of these parts are in excellent condition but there might be a slight crack or warp that shows up. We have taken great pains to check everything to be sure it is still in useable condition but we can make no replaements if there is a slight problem or two because there aren't any parts to be had. Colors may vary from the photograph.Center piece is the large Roman colosseum that measures 38 by 22 and 8 curved arena sections-each with iron gate,5 straight sections-each with railing, a center Imperial box section with 6 Corinthian columns 24 locking pins to connect the sections, 28 Roman standards and 8 pennants, 19 piece;Roman tent set with awning, poles, spires +9 accessories, 4 piece slave auction stand, 5 pieces food bazaar stand, 4 assorted color chariots with 4 horses each, 4 lions+tigers, 15 piece accessory group-includes 3 different Roman heroes busts on columns, 50 figures in all 16 poses assorted colors, catapult and 12 additional Marx medieval accessories


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