German Stug IV w/side armour (54mm)

Item #: CTS736A
Price $15.95

WWII Germans: CLASSIC TOY SOLDIERS, INC. WWII German Stug IV w/side armour (1:32 scale) plastic toy soldiers.
Goes with 1:32 scale or 54mm plastic toy soldiers, though its true scale is closer to 1:38 scale.
    Produced by the Germans in WWII, the Stug is a turretless track vehicle mounting a cannon capable of only limited traverse. First produced in 1940, its original intent being that of an infantry support vehicle. Being cheaper, easier and less time consuming to produce than a turreted tank, Stugs were produced in greater numbers than the more acclaimed turreted tanks.

    When the factory producing the Stug III was destroyed in 1943, the Germans started using the chassis of the Panzer IV replacing the short barreled cannon of the Stug III with a long barreled, high velocity cannon. As the war progressed and German were in ever greater need for armored vehicles, the Stug IV began to also draw duty as a tank destroyer.

    Side armor (Schurzen), introduced in the last years of WWII was designed to provide protection primarily against Russian anti-tank rifles and low velocity high explosive rounds.

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