Flag pole and base (brown) (54mm)

Item #: CTS712A
Price $6.00

CLASSIC TOY SOLDIERS CTS712A Flag pole and base (brown) for 1/32 scale plastic toy soldiers.
see the following CTS flags.
CTS801A German WWII flag

CTS802A French WWII flag
CTS803A Japanese WWII Meat Ball flag
CTS804A Japanese WWII Rising Sun flag
CTS805A British WWII flag
CTS806A Russian WWII flag
CTS807A Union flag
CTS808A Union Cavalry guidon
CTS809A Union Artillery guidon
CTS810A Confederate Battle flag
CTS811A Confederate 1st National flag
CTS812A Confederate Battle Flag w/damage
CTS813A Confederate 1st National Cavalry guidon
CTS814A Confederate Cavalry guidon
CTS828A Confederate 1st National Cavalry flag
CTS815A Red Cross flag
CTS816A Rev War Betsy Ross flag
CTS817A Rev War British Union Jack flag
CTS818A Rev War Bunker Hill flag
CTS819A Alamo Texan 1836 flag
CTS820A Alamo Mexican 1836 flag
CTS821A Texas Civil War/Indian Wars flag
CTS822A US Cavalry Indian Wars guidon
CTS823A French Foreign Legion flag
CTS824A Arab flag
CTS825A French & Indian War French flag
CTS826A English Medieval guidon
CTS827A French Medieval guidon
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