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Marx Toys and Toy Soldiers

Classic Toy Soldiers has a special collection of Marx toys that have inspired countless of American generations throughout the years. Marx toy soldiers are representative of American ingenuity through the inexpensive use of plastic to make durable toys that have become a cultural symbol. Since 1919 Marx toy molds have been widely used and enjoyed. We know that anyone, child or adult, will appreciate and use these toys for years to come. Start a family tradition with one of our Marx toy soldiers sets! These classic, non-high tech figures have withstood the test of time.

Our collections are unique and distinctive. Even though the Marx toys are made from plastic molds, each collection has something unique about it and it is difficult to find two Marx toy soldiers that are exactly the same. This is part of what make our Marx toys so special! Each is a unique figure that can lead to endless possibilities for children’s playtime. We proudly carry on the American tradition of Marx toys. Browse our website to discover the many different play sets that we have. We have medieval play sets, Civil War play sets, modern army play sets, and everything in between. In addition, our Marx toys also include horses, rafts and more to really make a complete display.

You are sure to find the toy soldiers you remember among our wide array of Marx toys. We know that we have exactly what you are looking for, whether they are strictly for play or whether you wish to stage them as an intricate display. We welcome you to explore at Classic Toy Soldiers!

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